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Problems in the Hair

Our head is like a city. In this city, new hairs are born every day and old ones die. And many hairs continue to live. Like men, their life depends on the person’s health. Thus hair fall could either be normal or abnormal depending on your health status. So to have a good population of hair, you need to follow the same rules, viz. good eating and cleanliness.

Hair grows at the rate of about half an inch per month. When old hairs fall, new ones start growing in their place. This hair growth is not at all dependent on any hair oil you use. They all at best enhance look of the hair, but with adverse side effects.

Internal stress and tension is one of the reasons for your hair fall
Lack of adequate vitamins and minerals in the body is another cause
Tight tying of hair, helmets, more pins or hair bands also cause it
The more the hair fall, the more the tension. This also causes a cycle

Keep your hairs clean
Avoid shampoos
Do not use combs with narrow teeth
Do not tie the hair when they are not dry
Let the oil application be light
Fruits, vegetables and intake of adequate water has good effect n hair
Use umbrella when you are for long under the sun
Keep your mood cheerful

Home Medicines

Following home medicines can help you solve your problems. Try any one of them at a given time

Hair Fall

1 Mix equal quantities of
Shade dried curry leaves, lime peel, shikakai, fenugreek seeds and green gram
Grind them finely
Store and use as substitute of shampoo or soap

2 Take fenugreek seeds and grind them in water
Apply on the head in general
Wait for 40 minutes before washing
Do it every morning for a month

3 Take a handful of neem leaves
Boil in 4 cups of water
Cool and filter
Use it for rinsing the hair

4 Grind kadipatta and shoe flower and apply on head before taking bath

Premature greying

1. Boil a handful of curry leaves in 1 tbsp of coconut oil. Wait till charred. When cool, use it as hair tonic. In addition, take curry leaves juice or chutney every day

2. Soak shredded ginger in honey and eat a spoonful every morning

3. Grind 1 tbsp each of amla pulp and lime juice. Massage this into the hair before going to bed and wash it next morning

4. Take strained juice of two limes
Take equal amount of warm water
Mix both and rinse hair with it
Allow 15 minutes to pass, if possible under the morning sun
Then rinse out
Do it for a few days


1 Grind 8 kernels of almond with 2 tsp lime juice and apply on the hair

2 Mix 1 tsp lime juice with 1 tsp garlic paste and apply on the hair

3 Take neem seeds and make powder
Mix in coconut oil and apply over night on head
Wash off next morning

4 Mix neem flowers to sesame oil and heat. Use that on hair before taking bath

5 Take seeds of custard apple, dry and powder. Add it to sesame oil, heat and use before taking bath. This powder can also be mixed with seekai powder

6 Kadukkai + Vasambu + Neem leaves. Grind and mix with coconut oil. Keep it in sunlight. Use this oil for applying on hair

7 After bath, apply Sambrani powder smoke for the hair. In that add also the dry neem flower to give that smoke anti-lice effect

8 Grind vasambu and apply on hair and take hair bath after an hour

9 Liquify alam in water and apply on hair

10 Grind Neem leaves + Vasambu + Black thulsi and apply on head and wait for an hour before taking head bath

11 Grind vasambu and apply on head and tie your hair with while cloth for 2 hours before taking bath

12 Heat coconut or sesame oil. Add snuff powder to it and apply on head before taking bath


1. Mix equal quantities of shade dried curry leaves, lime peel, shikakai, fenugreek seeds and green gram. Grind them finely. Store and use as substitute of shampoo or soap

2. Grind 1 onion, 1 tsp black pepper, ½ cup khuskhus in milk. Apply this paste on head. Wait for 20 minutes. Wash with warm water

3. Take a handful of neem leaves. Boil in 4 cups of water. Cool and filter. Use it for rinsing the hair

4. Grind sesame leaf into fine paste and apply on head. Rinse after 15 minutes

5. Grind pepper and jeera and add it to milk cream [malai] and apply on head and take bath after half hour

6. Apply powdered seeds of pavazhamalli

Hair Conditioner

1 Beat the papaya leaf in a bucket full of water
You would get rich lather
Use this water along with the lather and wash your hair
You will have the effect of hair conditioner


1 Take 2 tsp of Atimadhuram [liquorice]
2 tsp of seeds of Dhatura [Oomathai] ---- Caution: It is poisonous
A little safron
1 tsp of milk cream
Make it a paste
Fry it in 2 tsp of coconut oil till charred
Apply on bald patches

2 Grind a tender fruit of dhatura with little water
Apply on bald patches

3 Take fenugreek seeds and grind them in water
Apply on the head in general
Wait for 40 minutes before washing
Do it every morning for a month

4 Grind 1 tsp of root pieces of atimadhuram with
¼ tsp of safron and 1 cup of milk
Apply this paste on head patches at bed time continuously

5 Boil 1 cup mustard oil with 4 tsp of henna leaves, gradually added
Filter and bottle
Massage on the bald patches regularly

6 Take Two cups of salt
Add 4 tbsp pepper powder and ½ cup of lime juice
Leave it under the sun for three days to dry out thoroughly
Once dry, powder and bottle
Take 1 tsp of this powder, add with water and apply on patches at bedtime
Wash off next morning and don’t apply soap or shampoo

7 Boil 250 gms of mustard oil and add 60 grams of Mehandi leaves gradually
Filter the oil in a cloth and store it in bottle
Massage regularly with this oil at the patches

8 Take show flower of simple five petals and rub on the spot daily

9. Grind the bark of drumstick into a very fine paste and apply on the patches daily


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